4 Benefits of a Lock and Unlock Service for Oxford Businesses

It is a worrying fact that most robberies occur when members of staff lock up at night and unlock in the morning. This is the ideal time for thieves to sneak into buildings, or to threaten staff as they are opening a building or shutting it down. It leads to staff feeling highly vulnerable when locking up or being the first person to enter the business premises in the morning.

One of the ways to give staff more security, as well as reduce the risk of robberies, is to take part in a lock and unlock scheme. This keyholder scheme for Oxford businesses is where a member of external security personnel is responsible for opening and shutting down the business every day. There are many advantages to this, as explained below.

  1. Cuts the Need for Staff Members Holding Keys

It can be difficult to entrust keys to members of staff, particularly when they may not have been on the payroll for too long, or you are not sure if they are responsible enough. Even if you trust your staff a lot, it can be difficult to keep a track of keys and when a member of staff is sick it creates a lot of problems if they are the person with the keys.

  1. Increase Staff Morale and Sense of Security

Staff may feel obliged to accept the role of unlocking or locking down, even when they feel that their security could be affected. Some staff may be afraid of this job, but unable to say no. Staff may also worry they are incorrectly completing the process, and therefore their time off is made more stressful worrying about the security of the building. The keyholder scheme removes these insecurities and helps staff feel safer.

  1. Increase Security

And, of course, you do benefit from greater security because members of staff are fallible, and could make a mistake when locking up. You get the peace of mind knowing that your premises are fully secure at the end of the night. You also get the added security of adding a visible security presence – thieves see the premises secured by a guard, and know that there is more security in place, which could cause them to reconsider targeting your property. And the added benefit is that a security guard will check the premises for any other potential problems like windows left open or outside lights left on.

  1. Staff Work To Their Regular Hours

If you ask staff to handle the opening or locking down of a building there will be occasions when someone has to come in early or stay late, for example when a meeting takes place early or late into the night. Oxford security firms can handle these extended hours, meaning staff can work their regular hours on a regular basis.

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