An Important List of Criteria for Selection when Choosing a Contract Packager for Your Business

Maybe you have a specific short-term goal to meet when it comes to your packaging. Maybe your own production lines are over- or under-performing for a while. Perhaps you need advice regarding the best way of packaging old or new products, or perhaps you find that your products would be more economically shipped by employing another service. Whatever your reasons are for turning to a contract packager for the needs of your enterprise, you need to be sure that you find the right one. You need one that acts as a partner, one that has your best interests in mind. Here’s an important list of criteria for selection when choosing a contract packager for your business.


If the location of the facility is convenient relative to the production plant and the distribution outlet, then that is automatically a big plus. There’s a tendency to spend less because everything is near – it saves a lot of time and money. However, don’t make this your only consideration. In fact, the savings they make may not always be passed on to you, and freight costs may have a big influence as well.


In theory, anyone can create a contract packing service and portray it as the right one for you. In reality, however, it requires a lot of practice and experience to be able to give the customer exactly what they want or need. Experience is an important factor – there’s a great learning curve you can skip if you rely on the experience of those who are experts in their field. Look for companies that have served similar enterprises or similar products as yours before.


Make sure you have the right controls in place – your relationship needs to be truly quantified and written down on paper.


If you see signs of innovation, new methods that employ the latest technology, or a different outlook, then chances are you’re in good hands.

Conflict of interests

You may not want to deal with a service that handles your competitor’s brand.

Always remember that good communication and proper understanding is important in any relationship – even more so in business. You should be able to speak openly about your goals, and in return your partner should tell you straight whether those plans and dreams of yours are possible or not; and if so, at which cost. It’s not just a matter of speaking the same language; often it’s about the beautiful match of personalities in key positions that make a big difference. Visit the company first – do a little background research and have a checklist of requirements ready. It’s an important part of your business and you want to make the right decision.

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