Custom Laboratories from Genie Scientific

Whether your business is focused on product development or pure scientific research, the heart of your success may lie in the success of your laboratories. Rather than build a standard lab environment that merely makes par, consider investing in a workspace that meets all your research needs with a custom laboratory from Genie Scientific.

Since 1979, Genie Scientific has been manufacturing and selling a wide range of laboratory furniture and equipment, including custom/walk-in fume hoods, steel casework and powder-coated steel tables and workstations with durable, chemical-resistant countertops. Improve your laboratory’s storage needs with the G2: Classic Lab Line of steel cabinets and accessories (available in standard catalog colors and sizes), add countertop workspace with G1: Genie Express standard size steel tables, or make it easy to roll lab equipment into a safe and well-ventilated area with a custom-sized walk-in fume hood designed specifically to fit any apparatus your lab team may need to use. Save your business the cost and trouble of fitting your daily work into a laboratory design that isn’t directly suited to its duties; Genie Scientific’s custom approach ensures that your laboratory environment truly works for your team.

Genie’s lab planning specialists assist customers in planning the ideal laboratory space for optimal research/production and continued business growth, and field specialists work throughout the project to provide field measurements and coordinate with owners, contractors and installers. Design drafts (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Revit) are regularly submitted for approval by the customer to make sure all aspects of the project remain on track and are correct before manufacturing. The entire process of custom laboratory design is controlled from planning to completion via knowledgeable customer service representatives, each boasting an average of 20 years of prior laboratory experience.

Once the planning and manufacturing stages are complete, all lab furniture is shipped directly to the customer and installed by a team of installers with 30 years of lab-building experience. Genie installers exclusively work with laboratory furniture and equipment, leading to a highly-specialized set of skills. In addition to the basic laboratory setup, installers are also capable of performing any duct, plumbing or electrical work that may be required during fume hood installation.

Whatever the project, Genie Scientific offers fully-custom products built with high-quality powder-coated steel. Your laboratory is the heart of your company; give your lab team the superior workspace, storage and safety they require, and watch your business thrive.



December 2018
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