Five Affordable Strategies That Will Help You Combat Home Pest Problems

Pests are unwanted guests in our homes, and they usually cause physical damage to furniture and fittings and also lead to food spoilage. Most people incur a lot of money trying to remove these microorganisms, but their actions are always futile because they give up before reaping the benefits. The ideal pest control measures should be cost efficient and also safe for the users. The following are five affordable strategies that will help you combat home pest problems.

1. Clean the gutters and reduce pests’ hiding places. Mosquitoes breed in drains and other moist places and thus cleaning those areas reduces pests in your home. Termite also loves dump places, and you know the damage they can cause on your furniture and wooden fences. To avoid termite infestation, you can store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home. Most of these microorganisms love hiding in dirty areas, and cleaning is worth task for Pest Control Ames. Cut all the overgrown bushes within your property and drain stagnant waters.

2. Use herbs. Certain plants and herbs are known to scare away these predators. Rosemarinus Officinalis, famously known as Rosemary, is a useful herb that fights microorganisms such as ants. You need to grow this plant at the entrance of your home and flower borders. Feverfew is another plant that is active in fighting hornets, wasps, and bees. Wasps love hiding in the shutters and gutters, and some are poisonous. You just need to plant one feverfew plant in a garden near the infested area, and this will solve your problem in a matter of days.

3. Store your food in airtight containers and dispose of garbage regularly. Some pests are known to be responsible for food spoilage and sometimes can lead to poisoning. Ensure that you use containers that are air and pest proof to protect food from mold growth. Some of these destructive microorganisms like to hide in the garbage as they find it a good breeding site and source of food. Seal the waste pits and empty them often to reduce insects’ infestation.

4. Seal off your house. There are a lot of preventive measures that can help you avoid the unwanted guests in your home irrespective of the season. Ensure you seal your doors and windows, cracks and holes in the walls and the foundation. Declutter the closets, cupboards and discard cardboard boxes and papers as they are known to attract pests.

5. Clean your clothes before storage and use pest-proof bags. You need to wash your clothes after the winter season because most pests love dirt. There might be food remnants on your clothes which attract pests. Beetles and moths are big fans of woolen cloths and you should thus clean it before storage. If you wish to spend a night in a hotel, carry a zip-lock bag to ensure that you don’t carry bedbugs from this room.

There are many home pest control strategies that one can apply to get rid of these microorganisms. Some of the tips are specific to an individual pest while others are general or applicable to a particular class.

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