How Every Business Can Lower Their Electricity Bill

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With the ever increasing cost of running a business, business owners are looking for ways they could reduce on their utility costs. With many businesses heavily relying on electricity, finding ways to lower electricity bills will go a long way in helping them make great saving on their overhead costs. Here are four ways every business could employ to lower their electricity costs.

Undertake Electricity Usage Audit

Undertaking an electricity usage audit is the first step towards lowering your electricity bills. With an electricity audit, you will be able to understand how your business utilizes electricity and help you identify ways for reducing your business electricity bills. Most utility companies offer free electricity audit and you could request them to undertake an energy audit of your premise to help you identify ways of lowering your electricity bill.

A comprehensive electricity audit will entail reviewing all your bills to identify consumption or billing anomalies, erroneous meter readings, overcharging by your energy utility company, defective meters and any other factors that result in your high electricity costs.

Get the Best Rate From Your Electricity Company

One effective way to lower your business electricity bills is to get the best possible electricity payment rate from your utility company. If your business has a higher electricity consumption, you can negotiate with your utility company to give you the best rate. One way to get the best electricity rate is to ask for quotes from different utility companies and select one which you feel is cost effective.

To make your work easier and ensure you get the best electricity rate, you can use to compare electricity rates from different suppliers online.

It is also advisable to work with a professional electricity utility specialists who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the energy market and players. Electricity utility specialists can help your get the best electricity deal for your business thus helping you lower your electricity bill.

Establish Electricity Saving Efficient Practices

Another way to help reduce electricity cost is to embrace energy saving practices that will reduce overall electricity consumption and in turn lower electricity costs. You should also encourage your employees to embrace and follow electricity saving practices. Some of these practices include;

  • Using Energy Saving Bulbs-Replace all your existing bulbs with energy saving bulbs that consume less power (up to 75% less power) and have a much longer lifespan of up to 3 times the normal bulb.
  • Using natural lights where possible- Have windows and curtains opened to allow natural light whenever possible to help reduce consumption of electricity
  • Buying energy saving appliances- Buy electricity appliances and equipment that are energy saving and consume less power
  • Shutting down appliances- Have a culture of shutting down electricity appliances when not in use
  • Try using excess energy during off peak times as utility companies charge less during off peak hours

Employ Use of Smart Energy Saving Solution

Businesses can greatly reduce on their electricity bills by employing smart energy saving solutions. You can install smart sensors on your business to dim or shut down lights if there is no one on the premise. Additionally, the smart sensors can also automatically shut down lights whenever there is enough natural light in the business premise. With such smart energy solutions, your electricity consumption will be efficient and thus lower electricity bills.

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