How Self Storage Can Help you When you Plan to Downsize

You are planning to downsize. Perhaps you want to retire and move to a smaller house or relocate to a nice community for seniors with much less close space. Or your children may have gone to college, maybe just getting out on their own or getting married. Regardless of your reason to downsize, you will need to clean up and deal with too much stuff. This is the reason self storage can be beneficial to you. It can make your next life changer much easier, more organized and less stressful.  There are a number of things you wish to take into account as you decide on using cheap storage units.

Create a List of Items you Want to Keep

Such belongings must be those you use always use and can’t live without. They can include things such as small appliances, kitchenware, electronics and clothing. When you have utilized them in the last two days or weeks, they could be something you have to keep on hand.

Create a List of Things you Want to Put in Storage

Your list should include things you wish to keep; however, do not have room for in your house. Your list can help in you deciding the storage unit size that is perfect for your needs and whether you go for an inside access unit, a drive-up unit or a temperature control unit in order to keep your stuff secure and safe. You should keep your antique furniture and electronic in a temperature control unit while your sporting equipment and extra fridge can go into an inside-access or drive up unit.


Have a List of Items your Children are Taking with Them

You don’t want to give away things that your children will want or put plenty of stuffs in a self storage unit when they need them now. Make sure that you ask your children to review the list with you so that you can include all the things which can and cannot go into storage.


Come Up with a List of Things you Wish to Donate

Perhaps you have many things in your own you haven’t used for many years or never used at all. You can decide to donate these things to your local charity or mission. A lot of charities will come to you and get the things you want to donate like exercise equipment, furniture and big amounts of clothing. You just need to call and ask them.


For anybody, downsizing can really be overwhelming. When you have done all the steps above and still feel that you need more help, you can contact a property manager or realtor for some advice. The professional may have knowledge of storage and moving and can aid you through the whole process. Self storage is a good option if downsizing which will offer you additional space, keep your things secure and safe as well as provide you the peace of mind as you know you can easily access your belongings when you have to.


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