How To Make Your Taxi Fleet As Efficient And Safe As Possible

Efficiency and safety are two of the most important considerations for any taxi firm. It is important that customers are picked up on time and then transported to their final destination with the utmost care.

There are several ways that you can make your taxi fleet as efficient and safe as possible.

Advertise Your Details On A Listing Site

In order for a taxi firm to be as efficient as possible, it needs to be easily contactable. You should research different listing websites. Once this has been completed, people will be able to easily view taxi companies in Glasgow on Thomson Local without having to wade through lots of information to get contact details.

Once your details are on a listing website, you will be able to take on a lot of new customers. You may need to hire extra drivers in order to cope with an increase in demand.

Screen Drivers Thoroughly Before You Hire Them

In order to hire the best drivers possible, it will be necessary to conduct a thorough screening process of anyone who applies for a job with your firm. You will be able to check whether they have had problems with previous employers or if they have any points on their driving license. All drivers need to be covered by insurance in the event of an accident.

Drivers who have been thoroughly vetted will be able to provide a safe and efficient service for your customers.

Drivers should face disciplinary action if they have been found to breach your company’s code of conduct.

Ensure That Your Cars Are Regularly Serviced

Your taxis need to be in prime condition all the time in order to give customers a safe and comfortable ride. Arrange for them to have a yearly service at a qualified mechanic. This will highlight any problems with the cars. You can tell your drivers that they should report any issues with the cars as soon as they become apparent.

Ensure That There Enough Staff Members On The Phones

You will need to hire enough people to man the phones in the office if you want your taxi firm to be as efficient as possible. The people manning the phones need to be able to handle dozens of calls in a minute especially at peak times on a Friday or Saturday night. This will ensure that your firm is able to dispatch cars to the pickup points quickly and efficiently.

Create A Booking App

More and more taxis are creating their own booking apps for customers to use. This app will allow people to enter their details online without having to spend minutes on hold waiting to speak to an operator. Conduct a trial run of the system and tweak it if there are any errors.

Use this guide to create an efficient taxi company.

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