How to Transition Your Guest Room into a Home Office in Three Simple Steps

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve just moved into a new space, one thing’s for sure: guest rooms don’t often stay guest rooms for long.

In fact, they often become the prime spot for miscellaneous storage as most families end up hosting guests far less often than they imagined.

Instead of letting your so-called “guest room” become a dumping ground, consider turning it into a home office instead. This is a win-win situation even if you don’t necessarily do all of your work from home. Consider the added bonus of a home office including…

  • Making the most of your space and actually spending time in all of your home instead of sectioning a “guest room” off that only gets used a few days out of the year
  • The ability to write off your home office on your taxes, ultimately keeping cash in your pocket
  • You can actually focus and get down to business at home versus getting stuck in the corner of your bedroom or living room

But where do you start with the transition?

Set Up the Perfect Conditions

Your home office needs to nurture productivity, which in many cases involves taking items out versus filling it with a bunch of useless junk that will only distract you. That being said, you need to make sure it ticks the following boxes:

  • Has manageable light: vertical shades are the perfect solution to finding a balance of natural light and closing yourself off to the outside world so you can focus
  • Proper positioning within your home: in other words, your office should be located in a room that has a strong Internet connection and isn’t bombarded with outside noise
  • Likewise, your office should be comfortable, ideally somewhere in which you can easily control the temperature (either through fans or the thermostat)

Out With the Old

As noted earlier, oftentimes creating an office has more to do with what you get rid of versus what you need to buy. For example, it would make sense to declutter your space for the sake of focusing and making your office actually feel like, well, an office.

This means decluttering and leaving space for your desk and necessary equipment. That being said, you may be able to keep a small cot or daybed in your office as means of accommodating guests but nothing that intrudes on your space. Anything bigger is probably fair game to either move out or donate (think: other additional storage or bedroom furniture)

Don’t Double Dip

Again, don’t let junk start accumulating within your office. This is especially important if you plan on trying to write off your home office as a business expense. Not only will trying to create some sort of hybrid home office and gym hurt your productivity, but also decrease your likelihood of a write-off.

Setting up your home office doesn’t have to be a major ordeal, especially if you’re transitioning from an existing guest room. Simply clean up accordingly and ensure that your office has the essentials that allow you to get down to business.

December 2018
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