Safety Tips for Using a Sandblaster

Sandblasting is a popular and growing field because there is a wide variety of applications that people can choose from. For those who don’t know, sandblasting is used to prepare numerous types of metals and surfaces for use in different types of construction projects and infrastructure equipment. It is used to remove substances such as paint and rust from cars, houses, and other items. Because of the nature of the work, sandblasting can be dangerous for those who are inexperienced or unaware of their surroundings. For this reason, there are a number of safety tips that everyone should keep in mind when it comes time to operate a sandblast hose.

Eye Protection is Always Number One

The first rule that everyone should remember when using a sandblast hose is that eye protection is a necessity. When people are using the hose, tiny particles of sand are being emitted from the hose at a high velocity. The hose is aimed at a solid structure such as a car or house. Inevitably, some of the particles of sand are going to strike the surface and bounce back towards the user. They fly so frequently and so quickly that people won’t be able to move out of the way or even see them coming. If they strike the person in the eye, they could damage the eye or even blind the person. Therefore, everyone using the hose should wear eye protection. Safety should always come first.

Make Sure People are Aware of What is Happening

Using a sandblaster isn’t dangerous only for the user. Sandblasting can injure other people in the area as well, especially if they aren’t aware of what is happening. People using a sandblaster should put forth the effort to set up signs and warn people that a sandblaster is in use. When someone is using the hose, the noise often prevents them from hearing other people coming towards them. This could create a safety hazard and someone could get seriously injured if they walk in front of the hose inadvertently. Therefore, everyone should remain aware of their surroundings and take the time to prevent injury to others when using a sandblaster.

Turn Off the Hose when Not in Use

While this tip might seem obvious, it is often the obvious tips that are left behind. People should make sure that the hose is always pointed at the target. If the hose isn’t being used, turn the hose off. Never walk away when the hose is still on. The force from the sand could easily move the hose all over the place and spray other people and items in the area. This could injure other people and damage other projects. If the hose is on, keep it pointed at the target. If the hose is not in use, turn it off.

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