Six Steps to Start Your Online Business

Remember the days when everyone said shopping online would never take off? After all, how can anyone buy online if there is no way to securely pay for it? It is almost hard to believe that once upon a time shopping online was just a pipe dream. Today creating our own online shop has to be one of the big success stories for many new business owners. Whether you are selling shoes or automobiles, an online store is the way to go today.

But how does anyone decide this is what they want and how they will go about doing it? Truth is there are so many books and online sites devoted to setting up shop online it is easier than ever to get started. But before you contact online payment services giant AltaPay to set up your money printing machine, here are a few tips you should know about getting started.

What Do People Need?

The surest way to start a business is when you recognize an unfilled need in the marketplace. The creator of the Band-Aid (who was recently recognized as a key inventor) was a good example of someone who recognized a need and went for it.

Until band-aid there was gauze and tape for all those boo-boos but now we have instant relief. So, what do you have to offer to the marketplace that everyone needs and no-one has?

Write Killer Copy

Even if you have access to the best thing since sliced bread, how do you plan to let people know about it? Of course, for online commerce that means having a website. You have to write copy for it that says what it is that is so wonderful about your product that everyone who comes to the site just has to buy it.

This is not as easy as it sounds and that is probably why copywriters will always have a job as long as people have something to sell. So, make sure that the copy for your website is so compelling, they have to check it out.

Building That Site

Of course, that killer copy has to sit somewhere and I think a website that looks professional is probably the best place. Beyond how it looks, you also have to make sure that it is easy to figure out how to get from the first page that tells about the product, to other pages that tell about why it is so good and finally to the payment page.

That last one is important, and knowing how to create a payment page or shopping cart that is easy to understand is vitally important for online sales. So, finding someone who loves to design killer websites to go with that killer copy is the next important step.

Marketing, Marketing and More Marketing

In the end, the best product and the coolest site won’t do you much good if no one knows you exist. This is where marketing comes into play. You can use email marketing, newsletters, social media or even carrier pigeon if that is what works for you. The bottom line is that to be successful you need to find a way to be seen, and by millions. Do that, and everything else will fall into place.

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