The Different Parts of Active Shooter Training for Schools

Unfortunately, guns and mental health continue to find themselves in a prominent location in the attention of the national media. This has the attention of everyone for good reason. There have been an unprecedented number of school shootings in the Unites States in recent years. In fact, there have been more shootings globally in recent years than ever before. This has prompted people to purchase more guns for self-defense and has only worsened the epidemic. With this in mind, it is more important than ever for schools to practice active shooter training. There are several important parts of active shooter training for schools.

  1. A Quick Response to a Lockdown

If there is an active shooter on the campus of the school, the school will initiate their code system. This will prompt everyone to go into lockdown mode. The most important thing for students to do is to enter the closest classroom ASAP. This means it doesn’t matter if the classroom is the student’s homeroom or even the student’s right grade. They need to enter the closest room immediately for their own safety. This is the first and most important step because it gets students to safety who would otherwise be helpless.

  1. The Teachers Need to Take Attendance

The role of the teachers during this same period of time is to take attendance of every student in the room. Whether or not the student is in their homeroom or if they even know the student, they need to take attendance of everyone in the room. Then, the teachers need to report this attendance on the school’s computer system. This is a signal that should go to the front of the school or be recorded in a centralized system. This will help schools to take attendance and determine if a student is missing from the classroom. This information is then relayed to law enforcement personnel.

  1. Do Not Open the Door for Anyone

Once attendance has been taken and the doors have been locked, teachers need to pull the blinds over the windows and the doors. Then, students should be instructed to hide under desks or near the walls. Most importantly, do not open the door for anyone except law enforcement. The doors need to remain closed because the active shooter might try to enter the rooms to take hostages or shoot people. During the lockdown procedure, law enforcement personnel will come to classrooms one by one and open the doors themselves. They will then escort everyone in the room to safety. This methodical procedure helps to ensure that everyone remains safe during a lockdown procedure.

These are only a few of the most important factors involved in active shooter training for schools. Having these steps memorized is essential to ensuring the safety of everyone during an active shooter situation.

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