The Many Benefits of Having a Coffee Machine in the Workplace

Many of the world’s biggest organisations take a number of different steps in order to improve the performance of the employees in the organisations. There have been a whole host of different studies in the past about how to improve productivity in the workplace and a large number of them focus primarily on the steps that the management can take to improve worker participation.

Most workers generally take ten or fifteen minutes off after every few hours just so that they can go out and get coffees for themselves. Of course, every worker needs a break after a long session of continuous work. However, because they have to go out of the building to do their errands, it can take slightly longer for them to return, and this means that productivity in the workplace is minimised. However, setting up a professional coffee machine in your workplace is a great idea. Here are a few reasons why you should install a coffee machine in the workplace.

Improves Productivity

The benefits of coffee are pretty obvious. When employees are allowed to go out on breaks, they often end up getting things other than just simple coffee. For instance, they may end up eating foods that make them lethargic and tired. It is one of the main reasons why worker performance is drastically reduced after the lunch hours. However, coffee serves as the perfect pick-me-up beverage when you are going through a slump. It serves as a mood booster and will also improve your productivity and focus considerably for the next few hours. In an employee-centric organisation, having a coffee machine means that people will be able to drink coffee while working and maintain their focus.

Minimising Lost Work Time

A major benefit of having a coffee machine in the workplace is that it allows you to make the best of the work time. If you are running a standard nine to five organisation, having a coffee machine will ensure that a hot drink is readily available at all times. This minimises the temptation amongst the employees to go out and purchase drinks from outside. First of all, they realise that coffee in-house is free and, secondly, it ensures that they don’t have to wander too far from their desks to get their drinks.


Making sure that you provide some tangible benefits to your employees in the workplace is very important. If you have a small kitchen that’s stocked with some simple snacks and a coffee machine, it is going to serve as a mood-booster for your employees. It will show that you care about them and are willing to take the appropriate steps in order to create a comfortable workplace. It also serves as a way of extending common courtesy when you are dealing with potential clients. You can serve them a cup of coffee as you entertain them. It doesn’t cost much to have a coffee machine in the office and the rewards far outweigh the benefits.

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