The Right Way to Apply Screen Protector to Avoid Bubbles or Dust

The screen protector is the must to have accessory for any mobile phone. It safeguards your mobile screen from any damage, dust, minor or major scratch, etc. Nowadays some phones do come with a screen protector with them.

There is a technique to apply it. You need more patience, skill and steady hands to put it nicely on the screen of your phone. If you fail to do it with precision, then you might end up with tilted corners, dust, bubbles, trapped below the new screen protector. This can ultimately cost you the huge expense and also lower the resale value of your phone.

Type of screen protector

The most common form of screen guard that is usually available in the market is self-adhesive ones. Though these types of screen protector are a little bit expensive but it offers the best fit and keeps the phone screen smudge-free and scratch-free. It’s right application can let you enjoy its benefits for several years.

Procedure to put on a screen guard without causing dust or bubbles

Materials required

Screen protector of your preferred brand, felt cloth, adhesive painter’s tape, scotch tape and lens cleaning solution.

Before applying the screen protector, it is very important to clean the screen well. To clean the screen, you can use lens cleaning solution too. Take a soft cloth, dip it into the solution and gently wipe the surface of the screen. This prevents humid and static dust on the surface.

Now once your mobile screen is properly cleaned, you need to apply 2 strips of tape at the back region of the phone. Gently press this masking tape at the edges of the phone. Use the flaps of the masking tape as hinges.  Once again make phone screen clean. Now apply the protector.

Distinguishing between PET and TPU Screen Protectors

  • PET screen efficiently covers the entire screen of the phone. It is much suited to safeguard the flat area of the screen from daily scratches. It is also available at an affordable price.
  • TPU screen provides efficient protection of the screen against scratches. Its 4H gel construction also offers bump protection and provide an edge to edge protection. It is also available at a fair price for mobile users.
  • The newest release in screen guard is Edge to Edge Glass screen guards. These protectors offer the maximum protection to your phone that none of the above traditional screen guards could deliver.

  • Edge to Edge Glass screen guards offers an extra layer of protection to your phone. It provides additional hardened glass shield to the front region of your screen. This would give enhanced protection against S7 edge screen protector bubbles, bumps, scratches and drops, effectively.

Screen guard cost insignificant compared to the level of protection it provides to the phone. Knowing the right way to apply it will surely get you an amazing look of your phone that is free of bubbles and dust.

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