The Top Changes to Make in Your Office So Everyone can be More Productive

Productivity is no longer a term loosely used to indicate whether there is product delivery or not. Productivity has become a concept with which managers decide which employees are acceptable and which members of the staff have to go; it has become a measuring stick for how successful a company is, and this has many consequences indeed.

However, a lack of productivity does not mean that the staff or employees are to blame – it could, in fact, be argued that if there are problems in this area, management is to blame. Why? Because nothing will happen without management’s direction. Do you want to make your working environment more productive? Here are the top changes to make in your office so everyone can operate at their best.

Start with the physical environment

Start with that because – honestly – a lot of problems can be avoided, a lot of improvement can be made, at a minimum of cost and in a short time. Your physical environment influences you – and your staff – in ways you often can’t imagine. Consider the following:

  • Temperature regulation. Some people can never be happy; it’ll always be too hot or too cold for someone – but try to make as many people as happy as possible. Take note also where the windows are, and how this influences the temperature at different times during the day.
  • Focus on natural lighting. Natural lighting is not just healthier, it’s also proven to regulate the natural body rhythm and make people more productive.

Make it comfortable for the staff

A little investment goes a long way. Think of it not just in terms of making your staff more comfortable, but in terms of investing in productivity. Here are some ideas:

  • Improve the quality of the chairs, as advised by experts in office furniture solutions
  • Consider computer screens that are easier on the eyes (and the brain)
  • Have a few standing desks where people can work in case they feel drowsy or sleepy

Create a natural environment

Plants often make a big difference. Bring in the green.

Allow flexibility

Flexible schedules are proven to bring more employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Give them privacy

If not at the desk, then at a place they can visit as often as they like.

One more tip – and this matters no matter what business you are in or where your staff spends the day doing their duty: de-clutter. Keep the office (or any other environment, for that matter) as clean as possible. It’s not that a little bit of messiness is undesirable (often it’s the result of a creative mindset and environment), but it needs to be kept to a minimum if you’re to promote optimum efficiency and productivity. There are many things you can do; start small and you’ll notice many changes soon.

December 2018
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