Three Main Things you Should Know Before Hiring a Closet Company


Closet companies today are providing a simplified life and the amazing benefits of new closets. Typically, builders install a simple rod and shelf and closet companies can make dramatic improvements. If you want to have more efficient storage, you will one to choose the right company that designs custom closets in Memphis. But how do you choose?

Know First if you Really Need the Closet

If a closet company comes to your house for an estimate, they will count the number of handbags and shoes you have and then measure the linear feet of hanging space and shelving you require and design a custom closet around what you space already has. Surely, it does not make sense to them to come up with a close design around a bunch of things you never use so go through your stuff first and decide what you want to keep. This can help you come up with a closet hat you really need and use.


Know What to Expect

Closet companies often visit your place to do a design and estimate for free. You may have to meet them for the design in another scheduled appointment. You will wish to have decision makers on hand when you meet again so that you can decide to continue with the closet project. Typically, it will take many weeks to cut your design’s parts and schedule the installers. Depending on your desired features, expect to spend a few hundred dollars to several thousands.

Know what to Ask the Closet Company

  • Industry presence-As the company how long it has been in business and if it is a franchisee.
  • Warranty- What warranty does the company offer? Know if that warranty applies to you or to your home’s future owners.
  • Melamine (laminate)- Ask about the colors available for the melamine and f the melamine cold pressed or thermal-fused. Thermal-fused melamine tends to wear much better.
  • Particleboard grade- Know if the particleboard industrial grade or furniture grade. Industrial grade particleboards are thicker and hold the screws better.
  • Shelf depth- Be aware of the standard shelf depth. The standard of builders is 11.5 inches; however, having deeper shelves like 14 or 16 inches are idea to hold bigger sweaters and suitcases.


  • Drawer construction- Know how is the handle hardware of the drawer fastened? Determine if full extension glides are included. These glides offer the best support for drawers.
  • Oval clothing rods. Chrome oval-shaped clothing rods tend to be stronger than rounded rods. Often, metal rods are a better choice than wooden rods.
  • Installation inclusions- Does the installation of the new closet include tearing out the old one? Also, know if the company will do touch-up painting and wall repairs.
  • Accessories- Know the accessories the closet company offers and the price of these accessories. You will see accessories such as shoe fences,  valet rods, sliding tie racks, sliding belt racks, hampers, jewelry trays, pull-down upper clothing rods, acrylic shelf dividers and many others.
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