Tips for Starting a Valet Parking Business

Valet parking businesses have become a desirable business to create for entrepreneurs due to the low startup costs and ability to make a hefty profit. With successful vendors, most valet parking services can pay up to $70 per hour with a crew of three. There are many different businesses that require valet, and depending on where you market your business, can include restaurants, shopping centers, and more, making it a service that is in demand. Below are some tips to follow that will help you get started on your valet parking business.

Purchase Valet Equipment

To get your valet business started, you’ll need to acquire some essential equipment. You can find the exact equipment you need from parking supplies companies, such as Parking Zone. The equipment you will need most importantly is a valet podium, valet parking sign(s), valet two-part tickets, cash box and/or credit card processor, and a time clock. Most quality valet podiums will include an inside compartment for storing vehicle keys. The more professional your equipment is, the better you can market your service to businesses.

Basic Requirements

There are a few basic requirements for starting a valet parking business. As the business owner, you’ll need a valid driver’s license to start. You’ll also need to obtain third-party liability insurance, which is extremely important for covering any damage caused to a customer’s vehicle while in your possession. Don’t forget to have a logo created for your business and to order uniforms with your business logo for your drivers. The basics combined with the equipment is a great starting point. Next, you’ll need to hire some drivers, and set fees.

Market your Business

In order to book events or services at local businesses, you’ll need to plan to do some marketing and to make some calls. Types of businesses to look for are hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, stadiums, concert halls, and nightclubs. Special events are usually in need of valet services, so look into major events, weddings, conventions, and concerts up and coming. When pitching to businesses, be sure to have an idea of exactly where your valet drivers would be able to park cars and be able to access them quickly when needed.

If you’re looking to start a valet parking service, use these tips to get started and create a successful business, and be sure to check out Parking Zone for all your parking needs.


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