Top 4 Stock Market Investing Tips: A Beginners’ Guide


Riches and happiness top the list of what everyone would want in life, and if there is a quick way of achieving these, even better. While some folks buy winning lottery tickets and hit the jackpot, relying on luck is a dead end road that you don’t want to follow. We whine very too often of the hardships we encounter in our quest for success, but overlook the power of time and compound interest.

It is beyond doubt that regular investments to let money work for you over many years while avoiding unnecessary financial risks are a smart way of amassing assets for the future you always dream about. It is no rocket science. As a matter of fact, renowned Magellan Fund investor, Peter Lynch, said that you do not need more than the mathematics you learn in your fifth grade. What, therefore, are the stock market tips that you should use as a beginner? Read on!

  1. Get the basics

Before you delve into the whole investing thing, it is prudent that you learn stock trading and understand the basics first. Such basics include what the stock market entails and the individual securities traded. You will need an efficient stock trading blog that will give you deeper insight into the following areas before making your first purchase:

  • Definition and calculation of the financial metrics of different companies
  • Appropriate methods of selecting and timing stocks
  • Various types of orders, such as limit order, market order, and other forms used by investors
  • The different types of investment accounts required

  1. What is your Risk Tolerance?

From the words of Warren Buffet, “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” What you need to understand is how tolerable you are to risk. In simpler terms, your risk tolerance relates to the feeling you have towards risk and your degree of anxiety when risk is present. A person’s risk tolerance increases with an increase in income, education and wealth, and tends to increase with advancement in a person’s age.

Understanding your risk tolerance will enable you to avoid those investments that make you anxious. Anxiety is directly related to fear, which in turn hinders logical thinking, and the last thing anyone wants is to invest without a clear mind.

  1. Consider Long-term Goals

One of the most basic things you should know before investing in the stock market is the purpose of investing and the time you will need the funds. If you need the accumulated funds after a few months or a few years, then you should consider another investment. One of the main things that will come up when you learn stock trading is that there is massive uncertainty.

As such, the probability that your capital will be available in a few months or years is small. However, after a period of many years, the chances are high. Financial calculators should help you figure out the amount of capital you need now to achieve the desired amount after a particular period.

  1. Don’t put all your Eggs in One Basket

The final yet one of the most important stock market tips is diversification. Diversification is a strategy that comes very handy especially for beginner investors, in the sense that, you buy shares from different companies and different industries altogether. The companies of which you decide to own stocks should not be vulnerable to a single uniform peril, should any happen.

You may have come across a stock trading blog talking about experienced investors like Warren and Carnegie who do not believe in diversification. That should not confuse you, and the fact that they are experienced is enough to tell you that such a move isn’t for you in your early stages of investing.

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