Turning Inbound Calls into Consistent Sales

When people talk about becoming a sales call operative the majority of the time it is considered the more honest role to be that of an outbound sales call as the only true salesperson role. Inbound sales are often looked at as the little brother with an easier task, as you are already talking to someone with a bit of interest. This does not always ring true however, and there are always a number of obstacles in play for a sales person to overcome and seal the deal, and all sales are based on building a relationship with the potential customer on the other end of the line.

There are a number of ways you, as an inbound sales person, or an individual applying for inbound sales operative job roles, can do to prepare to be a better sales person and to approach each call with the confidence that today will be a good day of sales for you.

Be Prepared to Fail

This might seem like a weird place to start but it is a truism of the sales industry. You can’t win every call; that’s just impossible, but what you can do is put in place a process to follow. If you get the call process to a place that you are happy with, and one that does bring results, stick with it, practice and always perform that to the best of your ability. You can’t sell on every call, but you can give yourself the best chance to do so each and every time.

Keep the Call Straightforward

The phone is ringing, take a split second to calm down and then remember that there is a potential customer waiting to talk with you. They want to have their questions answered in a fast timeframe and as simply as possible. Remember this simple fact and don’t offer a rambling greeting to begin the call. Keep things simple, thank them for calling your company and mention your name to instantly try and build a relationship.

Don’t Deflect Difficult Questions

One of the aspects of salespeople that the wider public perceives as being annoying and unhelpful is when a potentially difficult question is deflected in order to try and acquire more personal details about the potential customer for future use. Always subtly try to gain extra information during a call, but never do it at the expense of the sale in front of you. Answer the questions as best you can and right away, so the potential customer stays interested and has a clear grasp of the product or service you are selling.

Be Confident

Throughout the conversation the salesperson needs to maintain confidence, not arrogance. Be confident in the thing you are selling, and once you have answered customer questions be bold enough to ask for their personal information if you have reached the point of sale. Confidence in your voice will reassure the customer that they are choosing the right company to do business with.

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