Two Simple Ways to Cultivate a Safe Work Environment

Whether you work in an office or a warehouse, keepers your staff safe is important. There are many ways to do this from security guards, to keypads. The best way to do it, is to attack the problem at the root, in disallowing certain people the access to an establishment as well as keeping an eye on the ground.

Background checks are the first step to the safety of your work environment. Finding the right person for the job is hard enough, but you want to ascertain their history. Who are they really? How do you separate the loads of information that follows a person throughout their life? Although there are many services that solves this, not all are created equal. Some search criminal records, but do not account for false positives or search for all types of crimes. Others, may search for all crime types, but overlooks certain databases, leaving out crucial information. You want to choose the right background check for the job, from a simple employment verification check, to a comprehensive drug, credit and criminal check. Veriscreen, a comprehensive background screening service is quintessential to any business, large or small. They offer all the aforementioned service and more including Vantage 2.0 financial history searches and fingerprinting, all for at a good price. Their friendly staff is always ready for any questions one may have in using their product. Registration is simple and easy.

Choosing who works for the company is important, but so is having eyes on the ground. Security services, such as security guards or keypads to limit access to certain areas are paramount. However, guards cannot be everywhere at once. It is good to have a recorded history of all activity on the premises as you cannot predict the future; anything may happen. There are many different kinds of security cameras to choose from and all vary in price and use. There are some such as Logitech’s Alert Video Survellience system. It offers indoor and outdoor night vision with tough, zinc made enclosures for the cameras. It offers 960×720 resolution, recording at 15 fps. This camera is more useful for surveying important areas of a business housing sensitive information such as a classified research and development. If light surveillance needed, the Trendent TV-IP322P camera may suit the need perfectly. Unlike the Logitech Alert System, it is lighter on the bank account and offers an a la cart method of buying. Trendent offers a simple setup using POEs (Power over Ethernet) to power itself, meaning it doesn’t have to be next to a power outlet or adapter. Its swivel technology is perfect for securing any small or medium size office.

Whether you are moving an online office to a physical space or just starting out in an office space, security is paramount. It’s one of the small prerequisites to produce a positive work environment, boosting productivity and putting employees at ease.


December 2018
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