Using Driveway Sensors to Give a Business an Edge

A driveway sensor is a very practical and economical form of business security. This piece of equipment allows people inside a business know if there is a person or vehicle in the driveway.

How a Driveway Sensor Works

This device serves as a sensor and receiver. Installation of the sensor takes place in the driveway while the installation of the receiver happens inside the building. If a person, vehicle or other big moving object passes, the sensor is activated sending a signal to the receiver. If this takes place, an alarm will go off. But this doesn’t need to be an unpleasant experience for the people inside the building. Users can choose from a variety of alerts and sounds. For instance, users can program the system to emit a whistle, flashing light, music or beep.

Picking the Right Features

Driveway alert systems are available with plenty of various features to suit any business’ needs. There are both wireless and wired models. While it is easy to install the wireless models, they cost a bit more than their wired counterparts. Also, there are driveway alert systems that come with solar sensors. They are quite convenient as the batteries will have to be charged without efforts from the user.


It is Possible to Fine Tune

A number of driveway alarm systems only detect vehicles which may enter a business’ driveway. Such kinds of systems work by utilizing a metal sensor or probe to detect entry of vehicles to the drive.

Another kind of sensor which is more sensitive is one which works through the use of an infrared motion detector. Users can set up this kind of sensor to sound an alert for people on foot, vehicles or smaller animals. Certainly, detection occurs when the light beam is broken.

How the Sensor Helps

There are a lot of benefits of having a driveway alert sensor in place. First of all, the vehicles parked on the business’ property will get protection. This goes for employee vehicles, personal vehicles, expensive machinery and fleet vehicles. In addition, valuable items sold in vehicles will also be protected.

Driveway alarms wireless can be set up to monitor any location. Many systems can be used to offer notification of some entry points in a huge property. Usually, such devices are used in this way to monitor big structures like warehouses, greenhouses and storage buildings.


The Business is Always Prepared

With a dependable sensor system in place, users can expect some surprises. There will be a few moments notice if delivery men or guests will unexpectedly turn up. This provides those within a business time to get ready for deliveries, visitors and others. Such few moments can help in avoiding startling encounters and gaining a business edge. Also, if expecting important visitors like clients, associates or investors, a business owner can make final preparations before the scheduled meeting as he knows the visitors have already entered the premises.

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