Why One Should Be Familiar with the Embassy of His Own Country

What is an embassy and why it is important for one, especially those who are not living in their own country, should be familiar about their own embassy. As the white house is where the president of the US leaves, the embassy is also where the ambassador lives or doing office. He is the head of the embassy and his role is to pave the pathway between his own country and the country where he is working. He must make sure that the two countries will always have smooth relationship as once the friendship of the two countries will be marred, there is a good chance that such embassy will be dissolved.

If you are now aware yet about the embassy of your own country, you should check online as there is a site where Embassies & consulates worldwide are listed, including their missions. You only need to key in the country you are searching for and you will be redirected to the right page. This is really helpful as if you are planning to travel abroad, you surely need to deal with the embassy of that country.

Learn about the embassy of your country before hitting a foreign land

There are many information online about embassies. However, you should know that every site offers different information. Thus if the information you are looking for cannot be found in the site you end up with, you can seek out another site. It is important to know about your embassy before travelling to a foreign land as you never know when you need help. At least you will be informed and oriented how the embassy can be of service.

Embassies can provide assistance for lost passports

Each embassy differs in their provided assistance. There are embassies that will assist their people when it comes to lost passports. They can provide temporary passports or they can provide temporary travel documents so that you can still go on with your planned travel. This is why, you should be familiar beforehand what services are offered by your own embassy.

When you are facing arrest

Note that any embassy cannot stop arrest. When you have gone against their law, they cannot stop the authorities of that country from putting you to jail or sentencing you depending on their own system. What your embassy can do though is they can provide a lawyer for you, one that knows your language of course, they can contact your family and they can orient you about the legal and prison system in a particular country.

When you need to tie the knot in a foreign country

For a happy occasion such as this, you still benefit if you will get in touch with your own embassy as they might be able to assist you in your plan. They can pave the way so that you will have an easier time getting married in that country.

Yes, it is always good to have an ally even in a foreign country and that is what your own embassy will be.

Author Bio – Ivaylo is always wandering around the world thus he really exert efforts in learning about the embassies of his own country.

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