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Why You Might Choose A Cordless Vacuum Over Corded

We live in a post-wired, post-cord world. A consumer nirvana that’s not so much unplugged as hands-free and ever mobile. Once the purview of tech savvy Apple acolytes and millennial digital nomads, the cordless phenomenon has spread through our consumer electrical landscape like a ripple on a pond.

A Throwback To A Simpler Time.

For many of us, it’s bad enough that We have spend our scarce down time cleaning our homes. Like most housework vacuuming is tedious and made gloomier by the pre-industrial nature of many of our vacuum cleaners.

Yes, We know corded vacuum cleaners will do a job of Work on floors, stairs, upholstery and even furniture. However as Our Work and domestic lives have migrated to a cord free philosophy, one stalwart of domestic bliss remained until recently, largely and resolutely earthbound thanks to its power cord. Yes I’m talking about you vacuum cleaner which is very important.

Cordless Revolution.

In the early days of industrial design, vacuum cleaners needed cords as the then rechargeable batteries couldn’t cope with the vacuum cleaners’ power requirements and were absurdly heavy and bulky, not exactly ambassadors of design Jonathan Ive would approve of.

Fast-forward to today and battery design has shed weight and bulk and packs a longer lasting charge life. A quick scan of leading home guide sites such as FilterBuy quickly reveals a plethora of choice between configurations such as; upright, canister or stick vacuum cleaners, bagged less versus bagless and corded versus battery. If you prefer to do your vacuuming without having to continually swap between power outlets, Cordless is the way to go.

The Cord-Cordless Dilemma.

There are five factors to consider when choosing between a corded and a cordless vacuum cleaner:

  1. Convenience: Cordless definitely the winner here because they are very good in the preservation of food and other things.
  2. Usage Time: No real competition here, Cordless loses out every time to the unlimited power of corded vacuum cleaners.
  3. Price: there is a spectrum of choice to be had but cordless is generally slightly more expensive however price is no guarantee of performance.
  4. Suction Power. Your suction power is actually governed by the airflow design rather than the power Source. However, the Cordless’ suction power can dip as your battery discharges.
  5. Lifespan. Corded wins here mainly due to the wear and tear of constant recharging on the battery.

Power. On.

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. Some are brilliant at cleaning large areas or heavy carpets, others are great for your gorgeous hardwood floors while you will discover some are useless at cleaning up spills on tiles. As always, consider; how big the area you need to regularly clean is, what types of surfaces you routinely clean and what weight you find comfortable to push around. Try before you buy. Take your shortlisted models for a test run and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have smaller areas to cover the flexibility of cordless may be the way to go.


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