Are you interested in sheep export? What things should you know?

The evolution of eCommerce made everything easier for the both sides – for the business and for the buyers. Nowadays, on the internet you can find everything you want without difficulty. If you want to buy sheep online, you could check out the market in order to choose the best offer.

Live sheep for sale – things to take into account

Apart from the country from where you will export and the company you’ll choose, you will have to consider a lot of other aspects.

To start with, it’s important to ensure that the exporter has all the registration and the certificates according to the authorities of your country. Some of them may have special requests, for example, in Israel all the lambs has to be castrated.

Secondly, you’ll have to pay attention to the status of health. It’s essential to buy sheep bred in a favorable environment in good conditions.

One one side, in order to save money, most of people want to buy the cheapest animal livestock available on the market. Obviously, the price has an important role in the process of buying, but if you choose the cheapest animals doesn’t mean this is a good trade.

On the other side, you have to choose wisely the type of breed you want to export. Do you want Karakul, Tsigai or Tsurcana breed? Find out which of them are most suitable for you. Be sure you’ll find an excellent ratio between quality and price.

You may want to take into account the age of sheep, this could be a feature which can influence the price. Also, a lamb carcass could have about half of the weight of the a live lamb in some conditions so you’ll have to take care when you will buy the sheep.

The quality of the sheep can be improved by some factors such as the environment where the animals were raised, the nutritional requirements and of course, as we mentioned before, the status of health.

The quality of the fodder

The fodder shoudn’t include any additives or other chemical substances which could influence their development in a negative way. The ewes and lambs should be feed with fodder that contains lots of minerals, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potasium and vitamins such as C, D, E and K.

Buy sheep livestock from Seradria

One of the most appreciated exporters, Seradria has over 20 years of experience in exporting sheep. The animals are raised on a farm in Romania and managed according to all the authorization demanded from the Union European. The place is situated in Romania, near town Rascruci, in the city Cluj Napoca. The capacity of the farm has 150. 000 of heads per year (sheep and cattle).

The company can provide shipments of livestock to different countries – from Europe to Arab Peninsula such as: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Israel and Lebanon.

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