Catering Tips to Ensure a Productive Business Meeting

Business meetings are often about reports, numbers, and employee motivation. Also, they are the best opportunity to reward your people’s hard work and woo some high profile accounts. These days, business meetings have taken on a type of party atmosphere. They usually include entertainment to break the ice and refreshments to keep everybody’s energy up.

In terms of catering to a business event, you need to a plan of action in place. Fortunately, there is no need to take care of all food and drink details if you hire a catering service. However, you must know what you need and want before you involve the catering people. Read on to know some tips to ensure the success of your business meetings:

Hiring the Right Catering Company

Depending on your business and budget, you may want to hire the same catering company for every meeting. The catering can help in streamlining the planning process because of their familiarity with your company. You can expect them to have records of your past events and keep their service new and exciting. Moreover, having an ongoing contract with a company that specializes in corporate catering Fairmont can help you save money. Their kind of business depends on repeat business and will usually discount to companies which book many events ahead of time. These are benefits you want to take advantage of.

Determine How Many are Attending the Meeting

Come up with a rough idea of the number of people who will be attending your meeting. The number you can come up with does not have to be final. But, make sure you allow a bit of wiggle room. Having an approximate headcount will help you and your chosen caterer to set the budget and begin crafting the menu.

Ensure there are Many Food Options

No matter how big your business meeting will be, expect people to have varying dietary needs and wants. This makes it important to offer a variety of food options to satisfy everybody’s tastes. Keep in mind that many people today have become vegetarian so advise your caterer to offer some vegan options. Remember to offer a variety of drinks too since many guests may want to avoid alcohol during the meeting. A diverse menu must not seriously affect your catering budget. By working with an excellent catering service, you will be served with a diverse menu at a reasonable cost. This is another reason to look for a caterer that you like and trust.

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