Dressing for Success and a Future

Attending a private school as a child leaves behind one common memory: having to wear a uniform. As a child, being able to dress the way you want and express yourself can be crucial to your own individual development. Most school uniforms can also be harshly unattractive and uncomfortable. Girls are most commonly forced to wear skirts that are made from stiff and itchy polyester and have to measure a certain length on the leg. Boys have it easier with the ability to wear shorts or pants, as long as they are a boring monotone colour. Most children who grow up attending private schools and wearing uniforms swear they will never let themselves be in a situation like that again. However, depending on what careers they end up in, some of these children will most likely be wearing the same outfit to work every single day when they grow up.

Law Enforcement

When you think about professionals who have to wear uniforms, the one which always comes to mind first is most likely a police officer. Policemen and women need to distinguish themselves and usually wear uniforms that consist of pants, collared shirts, hats, and, of course, the necessary accessories a police officer needs on an everyday basis such as a badge and handcuffs. Firefighters also wear uniforms which are crucial to their safety. Their uniforms are made with specially-crafted material that ensures they will not catch on fire or overheat. Firefighters also wear hats to protect their heads and boots to promote foot comfort and protection.

Medical Workers

Many different occupations in the health industry require their employees to wear uniforms. Nurses, doctors and paramedics are all examples of professionals who wear healthcare uniform. Nurses and doctors working in a hospital will most likely always be wearing scrubs. Doctors can be distinguished because of the white coats they wear. If working in a private practice office or clinic, doctors may be seen wearing regular clothes with their white coats over them. Paramedics also wear uniforms so they can be identified when not seen in an ambulance.

Other Occupations

There are some cases when certain businesses or companies will require their employees to wear uniforms. At most restaurants, chefs and wait staff will be dressed in uniforms. Chefs are usually wearing black pants and white shirts, while waiters and waitresses wear specific outfits with aprons. Other jobs that may compel their workers to wear a uniform include scientists, drivers, doormen, hotel staff, and zookeepers. All businesses have the right to decide if they want their staff to dress in uniforms or plain clothes. Many owners or heads of companies may feel that a uniform will help distinguish their employees and make sure they aren’t ever confused with customers. While some employees may not agree with this decision, others may enjoy wearing uniforms. Uniforms can sometimes be a positive part of the job. If you have to wear a uniform to work, it takes away the possible stress of choosing an outfit every morning and some can even be comfortable. So uniforms don’t always have to bring back negative memories from private school days. Real grownups wear them too.

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