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Fidelity media would be best described as an online advertisement network. It is a US based company. This advertisement company, established in 2007 has been working with various advertisers and publishers across the world. CPC and CPM have been the major revenue models of this network. It would not be wrong to suggest that it has been a good substitute to other media ad networks. It has been rightly called the brand safe advertising network.

Mission and purpose of Fidelity Media

The major purpose of Media Fidelity has been to help various businesses to grow and run profitable advertising campaigns along with monetizing quality sites. They have ample of experience in online advertising market. They have been offering a number of high-quality services for app developers, web publishers, advertisers, direct websites, agencies, marketers and brands. Furthermore, they encompass special revenue and payment sharing terms for higher trafficked websites, website aggregators and publisher networks. More information has been given at

They have been keeping up with the global marketing trends. The efforts made by the company have been driven by demands. Therefore, they have developed mobile advertising services allowing various advertisers to contact customers. They would cater various mobile options for publishers for filling advertising space inventory on various mobile optimized websites and mobile applications. Moreover, every publisher has been able to participate in Loyalty and Referral Programs for availing the chance to earn extra revenue.

Who could make use of the services?

Fidelity Media has been designed for promoting brands on relevant professional sites. They would reach specific audience by targeting precise targets. The official website of the company has been It has been renowned for providing for the needs of the publishers. Any kind of larger requests would be met with ease. You would be able to exceed your advertising campaigns objectives. Apart from that, they would offer cost-effective self-serving advertising solutions for medium and small businesses and online business owners. Major DSPs and direct advertisers have been working with Fidelity Media, as it offers bonus programs for all their publishers.


Requirements for websites to join Fidelity Media advertising network

The websites should have contact pages and privacy policy. They should also have updated and unique content.

However, it would be imperative to mention that the websites should have been designed for advertising purposes. They would be allowed to apply provided they do not generate 10,000 impressions every month. The website should not comprise spam and adult content. Last and not the least, they should not redirect automatically to various other websites. You could contact the company at

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