Finding a contractor for commercial facility maintenance

Even the best buildings and commercial spaces require periodical maintenance. With years of use, repairs are necessary, and since the scale of the work is considerably big, selecting the right contractor is important. For commercial facility maintenance and metal building repair, you should consider these aspects listed below for hiring a contractor.


First and foremost, find a contractor that specializes in commercial work. They should be experienced in dealing with frequent jobs that are involved in maintenance, repair and remodeling of business premises and industries.

Find about the background of the company

How long the company has been in business? What kind of services do they offer? What do they specialize in? A detailed background check is important, especially if you want to hire them frequently or for a long-term contract for regular repairs.

Don’t miss the basics

Is the company licensed? Do they outsource their projects? Are they willing to offer client references? A commercial repair service that has been in business for more than five years will never shy away from sharing such pertinent details. Call up a few of their clients to know their experience of working with the service.

What do they offer?

Commercial contractors can offer a bunch of services, such as concrete work, general industrial facility maintenance, dustless solutions, welding and fabrication, sign maintenance, metal roofing work and much more. Look for a service that can also deal with regular repairs and has experience of complete and partial remodeling.

Do they have their own team?

Don’t be surprised, but many contractors only hire people when they need or have a project to complete. Apart from having a bonded and insured team, every member should be further trained for the basics. Think of fall protection, electrical safety and forklift operation or even something as simple as personal protective equipment safety. Insurance is one aspect that cannot be ignored, because workplace accidents happen within your business premises, you may have to share the liabilities.

Finally, no matter the work, it is essential to get an estimate and deadline for the project. Ask them in advance as how quickly they can get the repairs done, so that your regular business operations are not affected at all. Also, check their website to find more on the projects they have handled. If required, hire the company for a smaller job, so as to test their work and understand their expertise better.

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