Finding A Printing Calculator For Office Use – Check These Pointers!

Paperless work seems to be the mantra for most companies at the moment. However, despite the shift towards digitization, material needs to be printed now and then. For businesses that deal with accounting, taxes and number crunching, finding a good printing calculator is must. Here’s what you must check before selecting the best desktop calculator.

Factors worth nothing

Printing calculators, as obvious from the name, are used for printing calculations and relevant details. Such calculators need to be adequate enough for regular use and must be designed with the commercial needs in mind. Before you buy one, get answers for the following questions –

  1. Is the calculator compact enough for the desktop?
  2. Is the brand worthy of the price charged?
  3. Can the calculator print colored calculations?
  4. What’s the printing speed per second?
  5. Does it have a considerably big display?
  6. How big or small are the keys?
  7. Are the keys placed at an adequate distance to prevent mistakes while calculating?
  8. Does the calculator have a storage function?
  9. Is it meant for heavy-duty printing?
  10. What’s the source of power?

A good printing calculator should be easy to use, must have enough functions to store information, and must be affordable – all at the same time.

What needs attention?

It is important to select a brand that you can rely on. In that department, Canon, Casio and Ativa are known names, and you will find products to suit every kind of budget. You won’t be replacing the printing calculators of your office anytime soon, so go for something that’s meant to last, is backed by warranty and support from the brand. If you have extensive use of the calculator, make sure to check the printing speed. Colored printing is usually not required but might be a handy feature for some professionals.

Reviewing the best ones

If you want a printing calculator that’s easy on budget and has decent features, we recommend checking the Casio HR-100TM. For more functions and features, Canon MP11DX is what experts recommend. Sharp EL-1197PIII is one of the better printers for extensive and heavy usage, while Victor 1460-4 has been rated for being the best for commercial needs. Don’t have enough space on the desk? You can consider Ativa AT-P3000, which has got amazing reviews.

Some of the online stores have amazing offers on the best printing calculators, which you can check. Also, don’t forget to read in-depth reviews of the top-rated ones.

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