How Property Lawyers Help in Facilitating Seamless Property Sales

Discussing contract

If you’re selling your property, it is recommended that you get a solicitor or a property lawyer to avoid disappointment and mistakes along the process. You can appoint an independent property lawyer in Melbourne and in several ways; he can help you make the selling process easier and at your advantage. Here’s how property lawyers can help.

Drafting of the contract

It is the vendor’s solicitor who prepares the contract of sale. It must have conditions of the sale, the name of the vendor and purchaser, the property address, how much the property is for sale;  the deposit to be paid, settlement date , lease condition, and other important details of the sale. To make the sale easier, a property lawyer Melbourne would ensure all the terms are appropriate and reasonable and both vendor and the purchaser are agreeable. The initial contract is also on the selling side and the solicitor prepares it leaving the amount of sale and settlement date blank so that the purchaser or its solicitor can fill it in making an offer.

Preparation and completion of disclosures and statements

As a seller, you need to provide the required information when selling property such as property information, leasehold/shared freehold documents, and property title deeds, and if you have appointed a property lawyer Melbourne, he would help you obtain and complete all documents required like official title deeds from registry of land. Sellers are also obligated to make complete disclosure for sale of real estate such as due diligence disclosure checklist and vendor’s statement. Your property solicitor would complete these statements and disclosures and help your prospective buyers check if there are any restrictions on the property or obligations imposed on them when they buy the property. When these disclosures and statement are well-made, and all details are accurate, there’s a bigger chance of completing the sale in your prescribed time.

Pricing your property

As a seller, you want your property to have appropriately priced and appointing a property lawyer is the best way to have it priced right especially when selling property in Melbourne as Melbourne house prices are among of the highest. He will help you what price should you sell your property and through his experiences, you could learn several strategies on pricing your property to get it sold at your advantage.

Deal with the buyer or solicitor

Your property lawyer will deal on your behalf with the buyer or his appointed solicitor and ensures he had fixed any problems brought up by the buyers in pre-settlement inspections and deal with buyers’ viewings and offers. Your solicitor acting on your behalf will respond for any request from buyers and answer inquiries on titles, property disclosures, or extension of dates such as settlement date or final payment. Your solicitor will make sure buyers get all correct information and that your interests are well-represented and protected. He also represents you in the transfer of titles to the buyer.

When a property gets sold at the most advantageous and convenient on the seller’s side, it is because the seller has done his home works well and one is appointing a property lawyer skilled at facilitating seamless sale.

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