Keeping an Eye on the Boat Davits

Last month, there was news about a guy going for a short boat ride on his yacht. His boat met with an accident and when he tried using his boat davit to release the life boat, the davit could not work properly resulting in his death.

So when you go for a ride on your boat, how conscious are you about your safety? Probably, the most under-rated aspect of a boat is its life saving equipment, particularly life boats and boat davits. However, this vital piece of equipment is ultimately responsible for saving your life in the case of any disaster. Hence you should look an eye on them and test if they are working properly.

1-    Maneuvering Life Boat from its Loaded Location:

You would do yourself a service by maneuvering your life boat from its loaded position every 7 days and checking if it is working fine. Try placing the life boat into the water and organizing the drills with time limits to judge the effectiveness of the whole process. In the times of crisis, often the winch brake of the davit gets stuck due to problems with the davit’s arm.  Hence, you should keep experimenting with your davit to identify any faults.

2-    Davit’s Condition:

Examine your boat davit completely. Its components can be harmed by rusting which can have a negative effect on its condition. See if the wires, pulleys and other components are encountering any friction related issues and apply any lubricant to address the problem.

3-    Winch’s Functioning:

The most crucial feature of your winch is its braking mechanism. Substandard state of your brakes may cause a mishap while maneuvering the lifeboat to the safety of waters. Brakes of your davit’s winch should be checked yearly by a qualified service. However, due to the winch brake’s significance for the safety of the crew, it is not enough to check the state of the brakes.

You should also have a test called Dynamic Winch Brake Test. This test includes moving down of the lifeboat in the water’s surface. When the highest lowering speed is hit, the brake is then used suddenly and the davit and brakes are then examined at this point.

4-    Life Boat’s Engine:

What if you have been keeping a check on your boat davit’s functioning regularly and you use it to rescue yourself through a lifeboat as your entire ship is on fire. But suddenly the life boat’s is not starting. Within a few seconds, the falling debris from your ship kills you and your last moments are full of confusion of what just happened!

Many people don’t check on their lifeboat’s running state and only test it for a couple of times a year. The lifeboat can malfunction due to a number of reasons like dead batteries. Sometimes your charger is not linked properly. Whatever, the problem is, you must test your lifeboat bi-weekly.

We hope you are not lazy in checking your davits’ functioning. If you encounter any problem with your boat davit then you do not need to worry. Euro Offshore BV can help you figure out the solution to your problems!

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