Leather Cutting Machine Ensures Cost Saving Diminishing Production Costs

The laser cutting machines are used extensively and it features a laser beam focusing a small spot and the focal point is the place achieving high power density. The beam input heat at this time is more than it reflects on the material. In fact, the diffusion or conduction of the material is high as the material gets heated quickly to the vaporization degree creating evaporation holes. With the beam and the material being relative to the linear movement, forming a narrow width or a slit hole is possible, without any deformation.

Leather laser cutting means it is better than the plasma cutting. The leather cutting machine offers high precision cutting featuring no wrinkle or burr. Majority electromechanical manufacturing industries owing to the microcomputer program control uses the modern laser system of cutting to cut easily different sizes and shapes of the workplace. This is more than the punching and there is no mold consumption, no repair required for the mold and it also saves mold replacement, thereby saving costs for processing and it diminishes the costs of production. The overall consideration is cost-effective.

Leather laser cutting is a good density, high energy and control contactless processing. The laser beam is concentrated to form a small action point with strong energy. The laser light energy may be transformed into heat energy and in a small area. However, the laser beam is concentrated such that the laser light energy converts into heat energy in a small area. It features straight edge cutting and minimal local deformation.

The laser beam has high flexibility and adaptability so that it is highly controllable. It presents good combination with automation equipment such that it is convenient and comfortable to acquire cutting process automation. The restrictions on the work piece cutting enable the laser beam with profiling ability.

The society progress, science and technology development includes leather products that are widely used. The leather products are in various applications as they create infinite value and plays indispensable role including shoes, clothing, sandals, gloves, belts, fur hats, leather cushions, watch straps, steering wheel covers, and car seats.

The leather cutting machine employs both digital and automatic technology, providing the ability to engrave, hollow out, and cut in the industry. It provides high-speed, non-contact, and precision processing that keeps the leather surface clean and the cuts without edge burning. The leather manufacturers make use of this cutting machine as it ensures quality processing and production.

February 2019
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