Maintaining Brand Standards with a Cinema Franchise

If you are the owner of a cinema franchise there are certain standards that you are committed to meeting. There is a difference between building a brand as an independent cinema, and owning a franchise where there are specific branding metrics and standards to adhere to, as you have to be able to deliver exactly the same experience for a person entering a cinema in Dundee as a cinema from the same franchise in Bolton. Despite there being a massive presence of streaming services in the UK, online services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that are all easily accessed via smart televisions, laptops, smartphones etc. the cinema remains a hugely popular day out for many people. You see individuals looking to relax on a day off, couples on dates and families on a group outing all enjoying the cinema. From independent films to big blockbusters there is something for all the family to enjoy.

It is good business practice to regular review your cinema and how it is performing. This could take the form of a cinema audit that can cover the many different aspects of running a cinema, survey customers to garner their thoughts and feelings on how you are performing and areas they would like to see improve, as well as consider brand standards and whether you are matching the expectations of brand consistency as a franchise cinema.

With a cinema audit you can have access to in-depth analysis of your cinema to ensure everything is working as it should be. It is so important to understand exactly what your customers expect from you and areas where you could improve to meet those expectations. An audit of a cinema will provide you with all of the information you need to make a thorough analysis and report and plan for tweaks, improvements and long-term aims for your franchise cinema.

There are a few different angles to a cinema audit. One of the most important is whether you are meeting the expected health and safety standard. This refers to all cleaning levels within the exterior and walkways immediately surrounding the cinema, the foyer and the cinema screens and seats. A cinema has to feel fresh, clean and comfortable, but in a way that adheres to health and safety, including clearly lit emergency exit signs and walkways.

Consider what a cinema looks like when you are approaching. There are relevant, upcoming cinema releases being advertised in poster form in the windows, on clear displays on both the exterior and interior of the cinema, with clear listing times for showings that day and upcoming. As well as that there is a whole host of other promotional materials, such as special cardboard cut-outs and the like related to new films.

On a practical level, a cinema audit will show you whether all ticket machines are working correctly, that the processes in place to purchase tickets are clear and simple, as well as the entry protocol through to the screens. A cinema audit will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your cinema in terms of health and safety, promotional materials and concessions, as well as ensuring you are consistent with franchise standards and branding.

January 2019
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