Mobility Lift Solutions for that Vehicle

Today there are many various kinds of mobility lifts readily available for the automobile. Included in this are the ramp, outdoors lift, inside lift, and hybrid lift. Each lift features its own pros and cons. Not every vehicles can hold all kinds of lifts, so you need to make sure the mobility lift you select will match your vehicle.


As the most fundamental method of getting a motorized wheel chair or scooter for an elevated place, ramps are usually best suited to vans where there’s enough room for his or her use. Ramps generally should be handled by someone else and don’t work nicely to have an independent disabled person. They’re easily portable and usually fit well in almost any van. Ramps may also be used in homes to visit in one level to a different.

Outdoors Lifts

Outdoors motorized wheel chair lifts are platforms mounted to hitches that are affixed to the trunk from the vehicle. Many models will easily fit in standard trailer hitches already placed on some vehicles. Outdoors lifts are equipped for use with cars, vans, SUVs, and motor homes. These platforms are available in every size to suit nearly any motorized wheel chair or scooter and many any vehicle.

Inside Lifts

A mobility lift to keep the motorized wheel chair or scooter within the vehicle is usually created using a swinging arm that attaches towards the motorized wheel chair and lift it in to the vehicle. Because the motorized wheel chair is stored within the vehicle they can be combined with vans and SUVs, but are available in trunks. These generally need to be custom installed, however, many may use the present last seat hardware from the vehicle. These are typically installed at the back of an automobile, but tend to walk inside along side it of the van.

Hybrid Lifts

A hybrid lift is only a platform that’s mounted in the vehicle and enables the motorized wheel chair or scooter to become driven to the platform which in turn lifts it into within the automobile. Because of the size and employ, these may simply be combined with vans. They are frequently employed for side doorways to some van, or could be installed at the back of SUVs. These platform lifts frequently allow locking within the motorized wheel chair therefore the disabled person never needs to leave the motorized wheel chair during travel.

Once you have determined the kind of vehicle which is accustomed to transport the motorized wheel chair or scooter it’s easy to find the correct mobility lift to create transportation easy.

When you own a vehicle ramp, it would become easy to move the vehicles according to the inclination you need for demo purpose or for maintaining the vehicles when they are sent to your service center.

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