Need A Copier For Your Company? Consider Leasing As An Option!

Your small business is growing, and so are the copying needs. Despite the shift towards digitization, paperwork is still important, and you must have a copier that can be relied on for bulk work and speed. When it comes to copiers, you have two basic choices – renting and leasing. Both have a few pros and cons. It is sometimes wise to go for copy machine leases, while buying a copier may seem more effective or essential in other situations. Here is a quick take on why leasing might make more sense for smaller companies, especially when compromising on the product is not a choice.

The pros of leasing a copier

Let’s start by saying that copying machines are expensive, and we are talking about the big machines that are meant for commercial work. Small companies and startups don’t have as much spare resources to spend on a new copier, and therefore, leasing comes off as an obvious alternative. The money can be used for working capital needs, or you may also use the same for other investments.

Secondly, copiers are easy to get on lease, and there are many companies that offer easy approvals, without any wait time. The service you choose will take care of the entire process of leasing, including delivery of the product and installation, and you can discuss the costs accordingly. With IRS Section 179, you can actually save more, because the value of the copier can be written off during the next tax year. Leasing also helps because you would be paying a fixed price per month, and therefore, the costs are in control and predictable.

If you have been using an old copier, replacing it and upgrading to newer technology might be a necessity of sorts. Leasing makes sense, especially when your small business not ready to spend as much immediately. You can learn more here!

Final word

With these aspects in mind, consider leasing a copier machine if you need one. You can also talk to the concerned service, so that they can take care of regular toner orders as needed. Also, it is also possible to get their assistance, in case the copier machine needs repairs or scheduled maintenance. Ensure that the copier you choose is right for your business needs. If you need to copy legal papers, you need more than a standard machine.

As required, you can always get the lease license on auto renewal.

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