Should You Invest in Ethereum Now?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that shook the digital world in 2017. This decentralised system sends user payments across the World Wide Web without letting people use a bank or a third party. This year, the cryptocurrencies’ overall market cap went up over $200 billion which reaches the mainstream with the Chicago Board Options Exchange trading bitcoin future. If you are wondering whether or not to invest in Ethereum, here are some of the compelling reasons to invest:

It is Becoming More Popular

Ethereum has been able to establish itself as the second biggest digital currency. Today, millions of people have set up crypto wallets which hold Ethereum. If you want to enjoy the benefits the currency brings, then you should invest now.

There is Increasing Valuations

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum has increased valuation over the recent months as people began to adopt digital currencies. Ether has been trading for two years now with a limited 18 million per year of issuance. Today, one ether is worth over $700.

Be Part of its Successful Future

Digital currencies like Ethereum can shake up the financial system like what successful companies have done. Trust in conventional markets is low because of the financial crisis many years ago and people these days are becoming more comfortable with the digital world.

Exchanges can be Traded

Some cryptocurrency exchanges now provide Ethereum on their platforms to give people many choices. They provide individual account managers, coin options, and awesome customer service.

You can Use Ether when Buying Goods

A number of organisations are not accepting cryptocurrencies as payments. And this number is continuing to rise over the next few years because people have recognised the convenience and comfort the online world offers them.

Big Growth Potential

The digital world can be complicated because of the need to understand the technology. However, due diligence can help you become familiar with terms. Jumping on the crypto bandwagon earlier than others will provide you an edge in terms of experience and possible gains. While it can take a lot of learning, it would be worth it. Also, you have the option to
Buy Or Sell Ethereum for cash.

You Don’t Have to Depend on Institutions for Money Transfers

Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum is decentralised. This democratises conventional powers. You don’t have to rely on financial institutions to transfer money which comes with hefty fees. With Ether, you can transfer money to anybody at any location with a fraction of the fee. Plus, having private wallets for storing your coins allows you to have a control over your money.

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