Six Tips to Improve your Warehouse and Inventory Management Accuracy

Keeping track of your inventory and ensuring you don’t lose anything in your warehouse is easier said than done. Without a warehouse management system (WMS), you might not even know what your warehouse has. But, if you want to stay accurate and organized when managing your warehouse and inventory, ensure you implement WMS. To operate your warehouse efficiently, consider the tips below:

Maintain Warehouse Organization

Mark the storage locations clearly and store fast-moving items in locations that can be easily accessed. Consider grouping similar items in the same location, make use of bins and shelves, and ensure the warehouse is free of any clutter. With this, finding and accounting for inventory items is easy. In turn, this can enhance order fulfillment efficiency.

Ditch the Year-End Count System

An entire year is too long to know whether or not your warehouse has enough inventories or if you are losing anything. Instead of depending on this counting system, do regular cycle counts that can be done monthly, quarterly, or even daily. Your choice should depend on the amount of inventory your warehouse is storing.

Train your People

You can only enhance the accuracy of your inventory management if you involve your people in each step of the process. Ensure they are informed about any changes in inventory management policies and practices and train them on new systems or technology. Keeping your employees informed will help ensure the changes made will last.

Recognize the Benefits of Barcoding

Using manual processes for tracking inventory numbers should be a thing of the fast. If you want more accuracy and efficiency in your inventory management, invest in automated inventory systems like barcoding technology.

Be Friendly to your Supplies

Maintaining a good relationship with your supplies ensures that you have access to all the goods you will have to stock in your warehouse. This can minimize the inventory costs and fulfill orders faster.

Use Technology to Keep Track of Inventory Cycles

In this age of technology, warehouses and distribution centers can operate more efficiently if their managers use warehouse management systems or software for managing their daily inventory management tasks. Warehouse software from Meade Willis offers a snapshot of inventory levels and reports necessary to make important inventory decisions. Using automated inventory management systems decrease the number of human errors when processing inventory data, resulting in greater accuracy. Once warehouse and inventory management accuracy are improved, the business experiences an increased cash flow and efficiency as well as reduced expenses and enhanced customer satisfaction.

February 2019
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