Some Things to Consider Before Freezing Fruits

Nothing holds a candle to the flavor of fresh fruit and there is nothing like the disappointment of a spoiled fruit. By acquainting oneself about how to freeze fruit, you can store and preserve your favorite flavors so that you can still make the most of them in the off season. Let this article help you.

  1. You can only preserve the flavor, not the texture

Although freezing fruits helps in preserving flavor, it fails to preserve the texture. Fruits have high water content, and once it is frozen, the water tends to expand, changing the cell structure. When it is defrosted, the fruit never the fresh texture like it had in the first place. For this very reason, frozen fruit is usually not appropriate for out of hand eating. But when it is used as an ingredient such as in jams, pie filling or in smoothies, the frozen fruit tastes great nonetheless. Some even say that you can preserve the texture by sprinkling it with sugar or preserving it in sugar glaze.

  1. Use the acid to avoid browning

Dipping the fruits briefly in a slightly acidic solution helps in keeping the fruits from turning brown. You can also use lemon juice, but this is not your only option. You can use any kind of acidic juice like pineapple, lemon, orange or any other undiluted acidic juice. For example, you can dip the fruit in cold water which is mixed with a little lemon juice.

  1. Blanch the food to keep it colorful

Blanching is a method of boiling an ingredient briefly and then plunging in in a bowl of ice water. This method helps in preserving the color and texture of some fruits before you freeze them.

  1. You can pre freeze the fruit to avoid clumping.

Pre freezing means chilling the fruit on a baking sheet before shifting it to a storage container. This keeps away the fruit from sticking together in a huge icy mound once it is kept in storage. To pre freeze, disperse the fruit in a single layer on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Then freeze it until it is firm, about 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the fruit. Then move the fruit to an air tight container or a freezer bag and then freeze it.

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