Three Reasons You Should Start Planning your IRA Early in Life

Saving in an IRA can be extremely beneficial. If you want to secure your future, then the most reliable way to ensure that this becomes a reality is to begin retirement savings early. Saving in an IRA gives you the opportunity to enjoy tax benefits and also your money has an ample chance to accumulate and grow as time elapses.

Apparently, many IRA custodians only allow mutual funds, approved stocks, bonds and perhaps CDs. However, a truly self-directed IRA custodian, such as Quest IRA, allows all these types of investments in addition to private placements, notes, real estate, tax lien certificates and much more. In short, the best self-directed IRA is one which enables the account owner to invest in what they know best and free from any saving restrictions imposed by a more traditional brokerage style account.

So why should an individual start an IRA early in life? Read on and get to know.


Ultimately, the prospect of starting an early investment can make a huge and a positive impact regarding how much you’ll have during the time of your retirement. Even investments which only provide a relatively a smaller return rate can yield significant amounts when given adequate time to compound. For instance, if you decide to invest something like three hundred US dollars per month and you are currently twenty-five years old, and earn 8 percent annually, then you’ll have over one million US dollars in your account by the time you hit sixty-five. By contrast, if you wait until you are thirty-five to start saving the same amount each month, then you’ll have about 440,000 US dollars over the course of the same period. You can evidently see the difference!


As a young employee and fresh from college, you may not think about the longevity of your career. If you did not know, your family situation might change, the job demands could also change, and this implies that you may not like your job anymore. Professions such engineering, law and medicine and many others are demanding and stressful, and most often a good number of people usually burn out in such fields with time. On the other hand, companies have a tendency to lay off older and highly compensated employees at the first time of recession. You could also get retrenched along the way. All these reasons tell that you should start saving early enough and define your destiny.


By choosing to set up a traditional IRA, you start to enjoy lots of appealing tax advantages. Typically, there are two types of IRAs; the Roth and the traditional and each have different tax benefits and eligibility regulations. The savings to a traditional IRA might be deductible for the year the contribution is conducted. There are no income limitations for being eligible for tax deductions unless either you or your partner participate in a workplace savings plan, such as 403 (b) or 401 (k). Typically, your earnings can grow tax-free. If you choose a Roth IRA plan, your yearly contributions will never be tax deductible, but the withdrawals from your account during your retirement will all be tax-free. In short, over the course of your entire life, such aggregate tax savings can prove to be surprisingly significant.

The Bottom Line.

It is essential to consider the overall value that a well-funded IRA can bring to your life. Your situation might dictate your decision and strategy. However, one thing is evident: The power of making an early IRA contribution is massive. By having a self-directed IRA, you’ll likely take a greater and a better control of your future financial aspects, especially after retirements. Don’t wait! Kindly pick your IRA and start investing as soon as possible and take advantage o the many benefits it presents.

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