What you Have to Take into Account when Choosing a Self Storage Facility

Self storage is an excellent solution to the storage issue of many people and organizations. With mortgages tougher to obtain and money seems to be a problem for many, going and upgrading to a larger home is usually not possible right away. Thus, if you have plenty of things that you don’t want to sell, your house may be packed and crammed with all these stuff which can result in issues within the family and make big problems.

As you think about using a storage facility, you have to weigh up that costs involved and ensure it’s the right solution for you. In general, the majority of facilities provide options which cover most bases; however, there are other things to consider in terms of self storage.

Type of Storage you Need

It is imperative to ensure you get the best type of storage to ensure you get cost-effectively. Determine the size you want since you don’t want to rent too big unit and cannot fill it. This will leave you losing money. Likewise, you don’t want to rent a very small storage unit because you may have to rent another one to get all your items stored. After having a list of items and the sizes of items you wish to store, send these to two self-storage firms and request for a quote.

 Location of the Facility

When you have to regularly access your stored items, choose a facility which is more than an hour’s drive away. However, when you know that you won’t need regular access, you may be able to save some money when you store them outside your location. It is really necessary to think about how local the facility will be to possible get discounts.


You need to take into account what times and how often you may have to access your container since this can help you in making your choice of facility. Not all storage facilities are available for access round the clock so if regular access is a concern, consider this as you get quotes. For the majority of people, access on demand or normal weekday access will suffice. However, you don’t want to experience needing an item urgently from the storage unit but cannot access it until a few days later.



For a lot of people, safety and security are main factors in terms of choosing a suitable storage facility to store with. Ensure that the facility has a decent security level that includes cameras and lockable access. Also, consider fire protection and insurance. There is no need to pick a facility with more security than a prison. You just have to ensure the basic security and safety levels are taken care of so you will have peace of mind.

Special Offers

Who would not want a special offer? As a possible self-storage customer, you might want to look for a facility which provides something for renting their storage units. From long-term discounts to the first month fee, the majority of storage firms will run some type or promotion at any time. And when the offer is applicable and suitable to you or gives you something in return, it can be worth obtaining a quote from them.


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