Which Types Of Alarms Are Available?

When you need to have a new alarm installed in your business then you should consider every different type that you have at your disposal. There is more choice than you might think at first. The sensitivity of the alarm is perhaps the most important characteristic that it can have, followed by how easy it is for you to programme.

Which types of alarms are available on the market today?

Alarms For The Windows

You can install security alarms in Perth on the windows which are going to be activated as soon as someone attempts to open a window. This is going to be extremely useful and will allow you to alert the police in plenty of time.

Alarms For The Whole House

You can have alarms which are designed for the whole building, which means that every room is protected by sensors. These sensors are going to pick up any movement whatsoever and this will trigger an alarm. The alarm should be loud enough to wake you up and to scare off the burglar as well.

Alarms That Are Silent

Some alarms can be set to trigger silently. This is useful if you are away from your business and you are not in the vicinity of the building. The alarm can be used as well as CCTV so that people are caught in the act as they are attempting to steal things from your business premises.

They will be unaware that the alarm has actually sounded. You can ask about these types of alarms when you are conducting some preliminary research.

Alarms That Are Working Together With CCTV

You can install some CCTV cameras at the same time as the alarm that you want in your business. The CCTV footage will catch people in the act as the alarm is sounding to alert other business owners and employees to the fact that an unauthorised person is trying to break into your business.

Alarms That Link To The Emergency Services

Everyone wants the emergency services to help them in a situation like this. You can have your alarm linked up to the security services. This works in a number of ways:

  • The alarm starts to go off in your business.
  • The emergency services are automatically alerted to the fact that the alarm has not been shut off – an indication that your business is being broken into.
  • The emergency services will then ring your business. If you pick up, then the emergency services will know that you are in the business.
  • However, if you do not answer then they are going to take action. A police car is going to be dispatched to your business property in order to see what the issue with the house is.
  • This is designed to keep you as safe as possible so that you do not need to call the emergency services by yourself.


You can buy several different types of alarms for the business. They need to be tested after they have been installed to make sure that they are working.

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