Why you should be thinking about a career in digital marketing

There are many routes into a business career, and which one you choose should largely depend on your natural aptitude and inclinations. There is much to be said for such fields as accountancy, human resources, public relations, management, sales and logistics if one of these seems to be calling to you. If you are unsure, however, and are wondering where you are most likely to be in demand, then there is one obvious answer, and that is to go into digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a growing, fast-moving field, and those with up-to-date skills are in high demand. This means that they are being paid more and can take their pick of employers, as well as being given bigger budgets.

Study for success 

The business world is currently attempting to fill a massive digital sales gap. There simply aren’t enough qualified digital professionals around to do all of the vital, specialized jobs that either currently exist or are predicted to appear over the next couple of years. In consequence, if you’re a school leaver looking for a subject to study that will give you a good career in business, then digital marketing has to be one of the top choices.

If you’re already working in business but are finding your career choices or your salary limited by a lack of opportunity, then this might be the moment to think about retraining in digital marketing. There are a number of ways to do this, and the best place to start might be to look at the courses on offer from Bryant and Stratton colleges (see Bryant and Stratton on Facebook). These are also suitable for school leavers.

Work from home or abroad

Digital marketing skills are in demand worldwide, so if you’d like to live and work abroad, then learning about digital marketing could be your passport to an exciting new life. Equally, IT-based roles such as digital marketing can often be carried out remotely, so if family or other commitments mean that you need to work from home for at least part of the week, then digital marketing is the sort of job where this is conceivable.

Realize your potential 

Digital marketing as an activity encompasses content creation, analysis and innovation. Many of the skills required are traditionally creative ones. The day-to-day tasks that you could find yourself doing may include writing articles and blog posts, sales copy, email newsletters and white papers. Photography and design are also a part of the digital marketing field. However, what separates it from traditional advertising and marketing is its use of new technology, particularly the internet and social media.

Working in digital media will allow you to realize your full potential as you’ll be required to constantly push the envelope and stay one step ahead of the curve. You’ll be leading technology rather than following it, finding new ways to interpret information and fine-tune your response. You’ll be working as part of a team to come up with and execute brilliant promotional ideas. It’s an exciting and creative field, and the rewards are more than financial, though the money’s also great.

Stay young and contemporary 

Today’s consumers and the generations coming up behind them use digital channels for shopping, communicating, working and having fun. Businesses are also increasingly focused on making use of these channels as well as finding the best way to reach the younger demographic.

The changing pace of digital technology defines our lives, from the latest mobile app to the Internet of Things. Digital marketers need to be able to ride these changes and use them to identify and reach their target audience with an effective promotional strategy. This means that as long as you’re working in digital marketing, you’ll need to stay at the cutting edge of both technology and culture.

Take charge of your career 

Once you’ve gained the skills and a recognized qualification, you can advance your career in digital marketing by creating your own digital portfolio of work and positioning it online for all to see. The skills you’ve learned should help you to bring your work to the attention of the right people. Make your voice heard on social media and the blogosphere by joining in with conversations and debates, writing articles, and creating entertaining or thought-provoking content.

Digital marketing is a field with so much potential that’s crying out for qualified talent. If you’re a natural communicator with a flair for new ideas and using the latest technology, then this could be your route to the top.

May 2020
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